The Ginkgo Tree - a play by Lee MacDougall


The Ginkgo Tree is a romantic comedy set in a small town plant store called Anything Grows. Florence, the nervous store clerk with a fainting problem, has possibly pulled a few fast ones with government grants to keep the store afloat. Rose, the fiesty Italian store owner, with her husband Hay, is having trouble keeping the staff, (her husband and two kids) working, and the customers happy. Pearl is expecting her order of ladybugs, and Ehrhart is waiting anxiously for his ginkgo tree. And then Joseph Gage arrives, fresh from the big city bank that keeps this family business afloat. With elements of farce, and a huge heart, The Ginkgo Tree is a funny, quirky look at family, finance, and the sudden surprise of love.


The Ginkgo Tree was first read at the Stratford Festival. There was a workshop and public reading at the Blyth Festival, in Blyth, Ontario, and the premiere production was at the Arts Club Theatre starring Goldie Semple. A new draft was developed with the dramaturgical help of Blyth Festival Artistic Director Eric Coates, and this new version of The Ginkgo Tree was presented at the Blyth Festival in 2007.


The Ginkgo Tree has a cast of four women and four men. The women include Florence, the 30-something clerk; Rose, the 40-something Italian store owner; Marcie, the 20-something daughter of Rose; and Pearl, the elderly customer. The men include Joe Gage, the 30-something bank employee; Hayward, the 40-something farmer-type husband of Rose; Eb, the 20-ish slacker son of Rose, and Ehrhart, the eldery Dutch customer.

Where can I get it?

The Ginkgo Tree is available from agent Pam Winter at Gary Goddard and Associates.

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<< Aidan Churchill and Suzanne Roberts Smith from the Blyth Festival production of The Ginkgo Tree. photo credit: Terry Manzo